Meet Amy

Welcome! I am so glad you are here. I am Amy and I am absolutely passionate about the whole life development of individuals body, spirit and soul (mind, will, emotions). My purpose on this planet is to first to be Mom to one extraordinary daughter! Next my planet purpose is to empower individuals to make life altering choices that point them towards Christ to break the chains that bind their abilities and beliefs. Every Christian can live free and not fractured! Wow. What a force the faith community could be if we would first get free from our own afflictions!

Addictive behaviors and abuse tormented me on and off again for over 15 years until I took a stand against it and finally Souled Out! I was not only set free from these afflictions but have been conquering physical paralysis for the past 11 years and I am walking to tell about it. My story is Redemption. Healing. Rescue. Time and time again.

My roots are in small town Texas but, larger cities are where I have spent 35 years as a business professional. These two different ways of living allow me the ability to relate to all walks of life; which I love!

Souled Out became a dream around 2001 and was founded in 2009. Souled Out! A ministry imparting freedom of every sort. My heart is so compassionate towards people living under any type of mental, emotional physical or spiritual oppression that it motivated my ministry development.

Throughout my life I’ve had the honor of pouring into the lives of people through my local church in women’s ministry, through Souled Out events, life coaching and through couples healthy living groups. A love for healthy living has developed me into a wellness warrior! Fair warning:)

Many years back I helped establish and lead a freedom ministry, Encounter Weekends, at Celebration Church in Georgetown Texas which prepared me to lead Souled Out. A long long time prior to that 🙂 I graduated Texas State University with a BA in Journalism and a minor in Business Administration.

Most of my equipping comes from life being thrown at me hard and fast and figuring it out. Therapy, Barnes and Noble and about a million hours with God helped too! Other parts of my equipping come from graduating CLASS Services speaker school, Austin School of Protocol, and from being certified as a Personality Trainer & Life Coach.

My husband Ron, my daughter Lauren and I live in Austin, Texas where I lead the ministry, run my consulting company and host my radio program Amy Mills L!ve. Journey alongside me as we live a life Souled Out and free!